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Canada Protection Plan/Foresters Partnership

Such an amazing day it is. Better late post than never. Thank you so much Canada Protection Plan/Foresters. It’s such an honour to become one of your "Preferred Partner in business". The whole family of Financial Advisors of Brilliance Financial Solutions are also very grateful for the gifts you’ve given to the 8 winners namely:

**Jessica Manuel **Nancy Corpuz Ibarra **Aljhun Manalad **Jason Kenneth Cacas **Ern Miguel **Clarisel Tapec **JoaNa Marie Viernes **Angelyn Miranda

Though most of them didn’t get a chance yet to pick their prizes. Looking forward for a bountiful and successful years of sustainable business partnership to come. Milles merci "Lorraine Wattie et Alain Plante" pour tous les cadeaux et bon presentation a notre équipe.


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