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Group Benefit 

A group benefits plan covers fees of certain things that will be not paid by the provincial health care plan. This may include dental, hospital, vision, prescription drugs, etc.

We help you design your group insurance plan to protect your employees. Here is a list of  different insurances choices: Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Travel Insurance, Vision Care, Health Care, Dental, Prescription Plan

We are working with several insurance partners across Canada and will offer your plan at the best rate.  

Our experts will tailor the right plan for your employees. 

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Tax and Insurance Planning

Tax Planning means planning your finance for tax efficiency. The goal is to decrease somebody’s tax liabilities and apply for tax exemptions as much as possible and also to reduce the prevalence of tax.   

The Five Pillars of Tax Planning are these: Deducting, deferring, dividing, disguising, and dodging to save tax. 

You can tax plan for short-range, long-term, permissive, and purposive.

Our experienced staff will safeguard your company to be secure and will help your company to save money.  

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Corporate Investments

Your business investment strategy is your plan for determining how and what to empower in to meet your long-term goals.

You can choose between different investment types such as growth investment, shares, property, defensive investment, cash, and fixed interest. These types must be analyzed well before making Investment decisions to arrive at the best available alternative.   


You can avoid extra tax inference by allotted earnings properly.

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