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Saving and Investment

The importance of saving:

  • For all your short, medium-and long-term life goals, like traveling or buying your first home or dream car

  • To enjoy a comfortable retirement or save for a rainy-day fun

  • To grow your money with peace of mind

Meet with one of our qualified BFS Financial advisors to set up a savings plan based on your financial goals, your situation, and your current and future needs.

Retirement projects: RRSP, TFSA, IPP, and LIRA


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Registered Retirement Savings Plan

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Tax-Free Savings Account 

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Individual Pension Plan

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Locked-In Retirement Account

Various Investment Options

Non-Registered Savings Plan:

This flexible savings plan lets you set aside additional savings for your personal plans or for your retirement.


  • Save for a life project or for retirement

  • Continues investing after reaching maximum RRSP and TFSA contribution limits

  • No limit on contributions

Retirement Income: 
Over the course of your retirement, you will convert your registered savings plan into income funds or annuities so that you may draw upon your funds as required. These options, which vary according to your plan that you own, allow you to regularly withdraw money while continuing to accumulate tax-free savings from investment income.


  • RRIF-Registered Retirement Income Fund

  • LIF-Life Income Fund

  • Annuities (Guaranteed Income)

Turn your retirement dreams into reality. 

If you are 15 years or less away from retirement, now is the time to meet with an advisor and take stock of your financial situation. Together, you will establish the total amount of your retirement income sources, which will primarily consist of:


  • Government plan benefits  

  • Company pension plan payments 

  • Personal savings

By comparing your forecasted income with your estimated future needs, which should equal approximately 70% of your salary, you can determine if you are on the right track. If you are, keep going! On the other hand, if you see that your savings won’t be enough, it would be wise to discuss your savings options with an advisor.

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Retirement Income

- RRIF-Registered Retirement Income Fund

- LIF-Life Income Fund

- Annuities (Guaranteed Income)

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Investment Funds

Insurance Consultation

Investment funds  
- Segregated Funds 
- Non-Registered
- GIC (guaranteed investment certificate)

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